The 100 Paintings Project

Art has the capacity to move souls. When I first began my journey into art, my understanding of art was limited to the image.  “Is it pretty?”  “Does it look real?”  “Do you like it?”  I progressed (some), and at some point I made the evolutionary jump to “What does it mean?” and the more deliberate “What am I trying to say?”

Detail from "Woman in Sunglasses"

Detail, Woman in Sunglasses

At this point in my artistic journey (and I suspect I have needed all this time to come to this point), I believe art relays an interior universe, a realm of ideas & concepts which strike at the core of who we are.  So in that respect, “trying to say some thing” as a concept falls by the wayside, all its color drained.  For me, now, my art has turned that on its head and asks “How does this speak to you now?” What did it mean to you yesterday?  How does the difference speak to your journey?

So I have decided to start on a project to present 100 art pieces – one a week for the next two years.  My goal is to open (in some cases, re-open) myself to the work.  My state of mind at the time I’d created it may have influenced how I made the piece, the technical decisions, etc.  But my goal is to reach into my own psyche and examine what the work says to me now.

So join me.  I invite the reader to accompany me on this project, and invite you to add your thoughtful commentary to this discussion.  Visit the home page to see the latest post.


One Response to “The 100 Paintings Project”

  1. It has been an honor to be able to observe both the expression of Delfino’s internal eye brought forth to the canvas and his growth as an artist. He paints from the soul. He takes risks. He finds an internal motivation to bring beauty and thought to the subject he is painting. He is able to find the “yummy” portion of any picture and bring it to life.

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