59. The Pool at Lecher Creek

This piece is an experiment in abstraction, based very loosely on a photograph I’d taken 20 years ago in Northern California. A small creek runs through a forest of Big Leaf maples, a pool forms behind the rocks. It is autumn, and gold colored leaves gather at the pool’s edge.


This piece belongs to my #ArtForGood project, where all proceeds are donated to a suitable nonprofit. Proceeds will be donated to Friends of Seward Park, a group of citizens working to preserve the unique habitat and cultural legacy of this historic park in the city of Seattle.


  • Medium Sennelier oil pastels on Arches Oil Paper, 140lb.
  • Dimensions 8″ x 10″, mounted, double-matte (in colors, as shown), 11″ x 14″, unframed, cello-bagged
  • Donation US$150
  • Status Available

~ by Delfino on 2020/10/03.

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