57. Utah Juniper II

Earlier this year, I painted the first version of Utah Juniper. It was a smaller, only 8″x10″, my own limitation based on carrying the finished pieces in our travel luggage. That art work sold quickly when I offered my winter portfolio to raise funds for DiscNW. Two of my ultimate teammates requested Utah Juniper for their donation. Here is the second version, for my other teammate.


As this version is much larger than the first, I have more flexibility to work the details. This allowed me to deepen the cracks within the trunk, extend the background to include more of the background junipers, and several levels of background depth. As with the previous piece, I used a fine brush to detail the branch lines and trunk crevices (sepia, violet, umber).


This piece belongs to my #ArtForGood project, where all proceeds are donated to a suitable nonprofit. For this piece, I will donate funds to DiscNW‘s Youth Development Fund, which provides scholarships and program support for youth ultimate in the Greater Seattle area.


  • Medium Sennelier oil pastels on Canson Aquarelle Rag Paper, 310gm
  • Dimensions 16″ x 20″, mounted on black foam core, single white matte, 20″ x 24″, unframed, cello-bagged
  • Donation US$150
  • Status Sold

~ by Delfino on 2020/04/10.

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  1. Your painting is lovely!!

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