Oaxaca Portfolio 2020

I returned from Oaxaca, Mexico in the spring of 2020, where my partner and I had spent the better part of the winter. The city of Oaxaca and its surrounding countryside are a riot of color. Brilliantly painted homes in the city center. The countryside – especially in the high mountain pueblos of the Sierra Norte – are a step back to the 19th century.

When I took the photos below, I thought about how Vincent Van Gogh must have felt when he traveled to the south of France, to experience such a dramatic shift in the clarity of the light, the intensity of the colors, the images of the Provençal houses and the workers in the fields. And how he must have felt compelled to capture these qualities in his art.

My next portfolio of pastel pieces I plan to draw on these images. I hope to capture the essence of the Oaxacan landscape, its vibrant colors and its remarkable people.

~ by Delfino on 2020/03/24.

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