46. Tyne Pilot

In the spring of 2019, my good friend David asked me to do a commission piece, of him on his sailboat. We arranged to meet at his home on Lake Union in the heart of Seattle. David had spent the previous weeks scrubbing the boat, kitting it out with its full complement of sails. David set off from his houseboat dock, and proceeded to make several passes of the lake. I took several photographs as he passed by from various vantage points along the lake shore.

Back at my studio, I made several attempts on a small study piece using oil pastels. I didn’t like the results. I found that the oils were too bold for the subject matter.  They gave the sky and water too much depth and texture – they made a pleasant, sunny June morning on Lake Union feel like a stormy ocean.

So instead, I decided to go with a softer pastel – the L’Ecu pastels from Sennelier. These seemed better suited to the subject material, as well as a much better match to the color palette of the original photos.

~ by Delfino on 2019/12/08.

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