#ArtForGood – Community Building through Art

I’ve always believed that art has the power to inspire people. It has the ability to move us into new and sometimes unexpected directions. But I think art can do more. We can convert simple inspiration into the necessary resources to support the common good. Because I believe when people possess art which we dedicate to a cause, we – the community, the artist and the art’s new-found owner – imbue that art with the power of social change.

I’d tried donating artwork (e.g. for fund raisers) unsuccessfully. So here’s my idea how to convert art into community resources. As I complete the next series of my art pieces (inspired by images from places and causes in which I believe), I’ll place these for sale on the One Hundred Paintings site. All proceeds are donated to the cause paired with that piece. Buyers may elect to dedicate the donation in honor of a family member or friend they wish to recognize.

fernFrostFragment_from_IMG_0041Here’s an example of how I see this working. I volunteer at local park as a forest steward, where I coordinate volunteers on reforestation projects. Over the last several years, the park’s magnificent Sword Fern population is under threat from an unknown pathogen. Here’s a recent photo of mine on the right – a Sword Fern coated in frost. I plan to create an oil pastel piece based on this photo.  When I’ve completed it, I’ll post the completed piece onto this site with the hashtag #ArtForGood. All proceeds from the sale will be donated to Friends of Seward Park, a non-profit organization which is working with the city to find solutions to Sword Fern die off.

I have selected a series of a dozen or so photos which I plan to work into art pieces over the next several months.  Each piece will benefit a non-profit organization.

Organizations to Benefit from #ArtForGood

Friends of Seward Park – the piece Water Lilies and Turtles was purchased in February 2019

Sierra Club Foundation – the piece entitled Bench Lake Sunset was purchased in March 2019

Gage Academy of Art – see Rue Saint-Jean, Quebec City

Washington Trails Association


~ by Delfino on 2018/12/26.

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