47. Salamander

Salamander, glass on glass mosaic, 2013

Salamander, glass on glass mosaic, 2013

This piece is a continuation of my experimentation with glass cutting techniques for mosaics. With smalti and marble mosaics, there was very little variation in the sizes of the tesserae–but here, working with a much wider range of glass pieces, I could experiment with different textures resulting from using larger and smaller pieces.

In the blue areas, I experimented with the limits to curvature using a cutting technique that gives me a range of concave pieces.  I wanted to see if I could suggest a wave, the flow and curvature of a breaking wave.  But I was able to bend the wave further and further, it eventually collapses onto itself to an almond-shape.  The eye of the wave, or further up the mosaic, the eye of the salamander.

~ by Delfino on 2013/03/23.

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