45. The Reeds

Reeds, recycled glass mosaic on glass. 2012

Reeds, recycled glass mosaic on glass. 2012

This is the side three of the four-sided glass mosaic flower vase.

This side incorporates a much simpler palette than the others, more subdued. The gold and red mosaic pieces are cut from tumbled glass. The violet glass pieces are much smaller and sharper, many of them retain the “ribbing” from the original glass bottles.

The patterns here remind me of lake reeds, how they gather into swirling parallel lines as they float not-quite-to the surface of the water.  Here I’ve cut the glass to suggest water and waves. At the center of the vortex of reeds is where we find the treasures of the lake.  Water spiders. Bits of floating blossoms. A sparkle of sunlight.

~ by Delfino on 2012/12/20.

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