43. Poppy

Flower Vase, glass-on-glass mosaic

Poppy, cut recycled glass mosaic on glass vase, 2012.

I’m finding that mosaics are always a little trickier to capture by photo. They’re rarely rectangular, and usually three-dimensional. But let me try…

This is side one of four of a glass-on-glass mosaic.  Here, I’ve cut broken and recycled & tumbled glass (using hand-nippers), and affixing using Weldbond.

I’m experimenting with some new mosaic ideas on this piece.

I’m deliberately cutting the glass into more organic shapes, and trying to steer away from right-angle cuts.  The tumbled glass often cuts with convex/concave lines.  These shapes make for interesting flows–either stacked, or to extend flow-lines end-to-end.

This piece won’t be grouted.  I’m thinking that the opaque grout will dim the light that comes through the vase.

There are suggestions of flower petals and stems, a theme I have carried to the other sides of this vase.

~ by Delfino on 2012/12/11.

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