30. Bay at Mljet

I finished a series of three postcards while traveling through the Dalmatian Islands of Croatia in the summer of 2009.  One of our first stops was on the small island of Mljet.  This was the view from the terrace of our rented apartment, a fabulous bay of stunningly clear water.  In the inside of the card  I’d written to my partner Michele (and mailed to her, so that this card awaited us on our return):

“Polace, on the island of Mljet, Croatia.  October 2nd, 2009.  A rainy day, puddles of fresh water blot the surface of the sea.  Cliffs of sandstone and Aleppo Pine overlook the inky blue waters of the Adriatic. The rains cleared by midday, and you & I ate plates of grilled sardines at a small restaurant perched between the lane and the boat dock. Remember the Sardines!”

Your Fino

~ by Delfino on 2011/02/03.

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