22. Head Full of Poppies

Head full of Poppies, L'Ecu pastels on sandpaper, 2009

In the art pastel class I took at the Gage Academy in 2009, we were assigned to reproduce in pastels work of Paul Gauguin.  I took on “Still Life with Japanese Print, 1889”.  Although I never completed the entire piece–I was very dissatisfied with my rendering of the print, the large vase of flowers, I was taken by the simplicity (and the idea) of the head-shaped vase filled with poppies.  To my mind, the image suggests Eureka! moments leaping from one’s mind.  Ideas. New perspectives.  Thinking so far out of the box that the idea takes shape in complex blossoms.

I am planning to do a lot more work with the Wallis (sandpaper) with the L’Ecu pastels–they are very rich & yummy to work with.

~ by Delfino on 2010/03/25.

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