21. Korcula Church

This piece is based on a photograph I took in October 2009 while visiting the island of Korcula on the Dalmatian Coast of Croatia.  Although the tinge of autumn was in the air, I was determined to extract just one more day of summer.  Amazingly, the Goddess of Summer granted me a day of cavorting in the warm & clear Adriatic.  Spent the afternoon on a deserted rocky cove.  On the stroll to the bus stop near the village of Lombarda, I came across the ruins of an 18th-century church overlooking the channel between Korcula and the mountains of the mainland.

I decided on oil pastels to do this piece for the variety of textures–the liquidity of the sea; the sparse vegetation covering the sandstone cliffs; the motley assortment of ceramic roof tiles; the distant roof lines of the buildings lining the opposite shore.

A lovely memory from Croatia.

~ by Delfino on 2010/02/28.

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