20. Sweet Peas and Vase

A chance photo several years ago on a bright spring morning.  I’d picked a few sweet peas out of my garden and placed them in a small blue vase on the patio table.  The California sun was very strong that morning, which caused the photo to darken the background (in what was otherwise a sunny garden scene).  Several years ago, I did a smaller version of this scene using some NuPastel chalks (which I sold at an art show at Restaurant Divine in Seattle two years ago.)  A few months ago, I received a note from my niece in Colorado asking about this piece.  So I began working a larger–and bolder–version of the first.  In this version, I’m using Sennelier L’Ecu pastels–a much softer pastel.  The palette is bolder than my original work, and I’ve added much more detail in the petals, attempting to capture the subtle textures and translucency of the flowers.

~ by Delfino on 2010/01/01.

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