18. Rhododendron in Blue Vase

RhodoInBlueVaseIn the spring of 2009, I began a class in pastel floral still life at the Gage Academy in Seattle.  My professor has been teaching us an exciting new technique where we apply watercolors onto paper before applying pastels.  The idea is a takeoff on using colored papers–but in this case, the paper changes color depending on the subject at hand.

In the piece “Rhododendron in Blue Vase” I applied base watercolors of deep cobalt, russet-orange, pale yellow-green and lavender.  Then, for each of the major palette colors, I selected a dark, medium and light tones to apply.

This class is teaching me so very much, about shadowing, perspective and color blending

~ by Delfino on 2009/05/27.

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