12. The Old Shed

The Old Shed, oil pastels on paper, 2005

The Old Shed, oil pastels on paper, 2005

An old tool shed basks in the sun by the side of a meadow.  Obviously this old shed has seen better days.  The painted red boards have have faded.  Part of the roof sags–a small section is completely missing. Weeds grow unkempt beneath the eaves.

On the hills above the meadow, there are grander–and frankly better maintained–homes.  But on closer inspection, we see that the hillside is ablaze. The old shed might be safe, but the grand homes with the commanding views, redwood deck, field stone fireplaces and the custom kitchens may perish in the wildfire.

What this piece says to me is that we cannot buy our way out of fate or natural calamity. Nature has the capacity to effect us all, and She cares little if you’re rich or poor; white or brown.  No es importante si eres un norteamericano o un latino.   We all share this connection through Nature.

Purchase info–all proceeds to benefit Latin American projects financed through Kiva.

~ by Delfino on 2009/02/22.

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