8. The Sunbather

The Sunbather, chalk pastels on paper, 2008

The Sunbather, chalk pastels on paper, 2008

A woman sunbathes nude on a wooded hillside. Is this the world judging her?  Measuring her? She was promised loved, but those promises have only turned into the calipers that record the measure of her “goodness.”

She flees from the “shelter” of the civilized world,  in part to secede from a world where she is only judged.

She carries the Staff of the Goddess, to live among the wild creatures of the forest — to live in true freedom, immersed in the unmeasured world of nature.

12″ x 9″, chalk pastels on paper

~ by Delfino on 2008/12/27.

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  1. Very Kooning-esque

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