5. Bather at the Window

Bather at the Window, oil pastels, 2003

Bather at the Window, oil pastels, 2003

This image Bather at the Window for me celebrates the joy of spring.  It captures the joy (that I have felt) of flinging open one’s doors, to discard our society’s conventions and bathe in the open air.  Although this was my very first nude portrait, I think I have struck on a magic combination of simplicity and complexity.  I quite purposefully restricted my palette to browns, yellows and blacks – the pastel equivalent of a sepia photograph.  And in doing so, I attempt to recall into our collective subconscious a simpler time, when we could have a reflective moment to bathe in the surrounds of a spring garden; to feel the spring zephyrs and the warmth of the sun directly on our skin. And although the bather’s head is turned away from us and is completely indistinct, we know we are witnessing a moment of calm reflection.

Oh how different our culture would be would that we could bathe everyday in our own magical Edens.

Bather also celebrates the Divine Feminine, an common theme that runs through many of my pastels.  I plan to return to this stylistic experiment of rendering the nude portrait in the immediate future.

~ by Delfino on 2008/12/04.

One Response to “5. Bather at the Window”

  1. Congratulations. I love the very “new” feel to the classic application. I like the restricted palette because it makes the light more powerful. Please continue and post more. I’m intrigued by the process of sketching to drawing – I wish I had the “eye”.

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