3. Woman in Sunglasses

Woman in Sunglasses

Woman in Sunglasses

Too often in our modern culture, we use sunglasses as a mask, our own personal soul-shield to help keep the rest of the world at bay.  For me, sunglasses symbolize a mask that essentially lets us peer at the world without it peering back.

But Woman in Sunglasses says something about our ability to get past the mask, for us individually to understand that behind each mask is a fellow human being.  That the mask that we perceive may be totally of our own perception, and not the wearer’s intent at all.  I am reminded of Picasso’s drawings where two sides of the same face appear side-by-side; in Woman in Sunglasses we are allowed a brief glimpse beneath the mask, to witness a compelling and very human eye.  And it reminds us that behind every artifice and mask may lie a very vulnerable human soul.

Ever since my return from my around the world trip, I suspect I have harbored an inner desire to remove our masks, a rather quixotic campaign to call out the masks in others, while removing as many of mine (that I could see?  that I was comfortable with? There are many more questions here.)  This piece reminds me of our shared humanity; to remain compassionate to all of our fellow travelers with whom we share the journey of life.

Based on a  photo I took of my partner, Michele, on a 2008 trip to Ko Lanta, Thailand.  Sennelier L’Ecu pastels on Archers 140-lb cold-press.

~ by Delfino on 2008/11/22.

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